Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dead on Last Post

That's it, no more minecraft, no more yogscast, no more Civilization IV
But there is always Twitter~
bye all, until next two weeks~
Wish me luck!

Semester Exam coming~

Playing all the games i can before the Exam~
That's how students work *INSANEGAMINGMODEON*

Minecraft: Addiction Redifined~

Yogscast is Now Friends with Notch again~

After the Twitter battle ensues between Minecraft creastor Notch, and Youtube Minecraft Legendary Celebrity Yogscast, peace occurs.

Great news for me since I love Yogscast AND minecraft~
I mean, this is what happened when yogscast stop playing minecraft~

IGN praises minecraft~

So proud, a 90 just because it doesn't have a built in tutorial~
Downloading Civilization IV, V's system requirements is quite mindblowing~

We were cute once

Aren't we cute?
At least we was~


Minecraft finally puts itself alongside half-life 2 and such in the all time highest score for games in metacritic of 96!

Proud to be a minecrafter~

Minecraft 1.0.0

Minecraft 1.0.0 full release is out!
After 2 years in Alpha and Beta, this legendary epic game, which has attracted 4 million paid user, and 16 million free user, this game have put its name on the line of legendary, game defining genre, alongside super mario, wolfenstein 3D, and more.

This is the Swedish guy which is now very rich.

So rich, and this is what he does everyday...
Mojang is his company~