Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Coincidental Disaster in Somalia

As if the things aren't enough for this war-torn, famine-reaped, pirate-stripped, terrorist-bombed, rebel-conquered country.

Recent disaster- or more known as a collateral crisis, has taken toll on millions.

Drought often occur in Sahel, the impoverished region south of Sahara- including Somalia. They usually survived using international aid, which was barely adequate for Somalia's poor people, which is a vast majority in Somalia.

But in the last few year, aids has been stopped to South Somalia, as the aid received was mainly captured by Al Shabbab, an Islamist terrorist hostile to the Government, yet controls 1/4 of the country.

Result: Al Shabbab is critically hit, but so is the several million  innocent people who lived there. Those people began a death march, packing everything they have and march to Mogadishu, the capital. Making camps that could strike horror and extremely inadequate, with death toll of up to thousands a week.
Hopefully this horror ends as soon as God will it.

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