Monday, December 5, 2011


But... there is one they fear. In their tongue... he is 'Dovahkiin' - Dragonborn!"

I never get tired saying this sentence all over again.

And I still can't decide between Minecraft AND Skyrim.

What do you think?

I should make a poll out of this!

How many quest are there in Skyrim?

This is endless.
No wander some people actually lost their life.
But then again, Bethesda has put more than a thousand Kilowatt of power into this game.
Oh, and a thousand bugs too :P


I don't believe it...
I am able to play Skyrim...

In case you doesnt know what is skyrim, it is an AWESOME game!

The commentator in IGN actually said that if you dare to play this game, produced by the Bethesda Studio, than say good bye to your real life~

But then again...
There's like two thousand quest in this game...
Well, wish me luck!

My fav Skyrim quote:
And there he is, standing!
He is Dovahkiin...
Da Da Dumm~

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dead on Last Post

That's it, no more minecraft, no more yogscast, no more Civilization IV
But there is always Twitter~
bye all, until next two weeks~
Wish me luck!

Semester Exam coming~

Playing all the games i can before the Exam~
That's how students work *INSANEGAMINGMODEON*

Minecraft: Addiction Redifined~

Yogscast is Now Friends with Notch again~

After the Twitter battle ensues between Minecraft creastor Notch, and Youtube Minecraft Legendary Celebrity Yogscast, peace occurs.

Great news for me since I love Yogscast AND minecraft~
I mean, this is what happened when yogscast stop playing minecraft~

IGN praises minecraft~

So proud, a 90 just because it doesn't have a built in tutorial~
Downloading Civilization IV, V's system requirements is quite mindblowing~

We were cute once

Aren't we cute?
At least we was~


Minecraft finally puts itself alongside half-life 2 and such in the all time highest score for games in metacritic of 96!

Proud to be a minecrafter~

Minecraft 1.0.0

Minecraft 1.0.0 full release is out!
After 2 years in Alpha and Beta, this legendary epic game, which has attracted 4 million paid user, and 16 million free user, this game have put its name on the line of legendary, game defining genre, alongside super mario, wolfenstein 3D, and more.

This is the Swedish guy which is now very rich.

So rich, and this is what he does everyday...
Mojang is his company~

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bangkok Drenched

Lately, Northern South East Asia is soaking because of the severely heavy rain.

Even Thailand is struggling to protect the capital and it's 9 million resident.

Until now, Bangkok is still fine. But the rest of Thailand isn't.

300 is already dead, with major cities in Northern Thailand such as Ayutthaya, drowned.

Let's hope this crisis will end, and instead open an opportunity.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Country Not of Existence

How come a country, in the information age, only recognized by so few?

Even if the country is never recognized as a country.

It have a name, though it is claimed by Moldova and Ukraine.

It's name is, Transnistria.
It even has a flag, and a population of roughly 500,000 people. And a passport.

See? Even Google doesn't recognized this as a proper word.

It is facing tons of problem though, it population is decreasing, looking for jobs elsewhere.
Let's hope it have a future shining.

Please UN, Let Palestine be!

UN, no matter what other people are saying, please let Palestine be.
I think it's already a public secret that Israel is hiding something big, and like any other institution it will try to protect it's interest. Same goes with its allies.

But everything have to be fair.

No matter what happen, if Palestine did fill up all the requirement, UN's Security Council have to make Palestine a full member.

All I can say is, it's the matter of the Palestinian, Peace, and UN's Dignity.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Time to Move On

10 years after 9/11, it's time, for United States, and the whole world to move on.


Future Of Libya is Shiny

Very shiny indeed.

My applause for United States and NATO for this one.

The lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan actually paid- a very heavy price, yes- but it was worth it. Nobody sees this revolution is all American- as it feels in Iraq- or very NATO- as in Afghanistan. This Revolution is Libya is theirs, the rebels, and US and NATO are there to help -to restore democracy and order- which is very great. Rebels are looking forward to rebuild their country- despite several tension on the National Transition Council, and everything just executed perfectly. And despite casualties from both sides, this is something Libyan they can show to their sons and daughter; it's our revolution. With some help.

A Coincidental Disaster in Somalia

As if the things aren't enough for this war-torn, famine-reaped, pirate-stripped, terrorist-bombed, rebel-conquered country.

Recent disaster- or more known as a collateral crisis, has taken toll on millions.

Drought often occur in Sahel, the impoverished region south of Sahara- including Somalia. They usually survived using international aid, which was barely adequate for Somalia's poor people, which is a vast majority in Somalia.

But in the last few year, aids has been stopped to South Somalia, as the aid received was mainly captured by Al Shabbab, an Islamist terrorist hostile to the Government, yet controls 1/4 of the country.

Result: Al Shabbab is critically hit, but so is the several million  innocent people who lived there. Those people began a death march, packing everything they have and march to Mogadishu, the capital. Making camps that could strike horror and extremely inadequate, with death toll of up to thousands a week.
Hopefully this horror ends as soon as God will it.

A hero from Reno

Nobody expect the annual air race at Reno will ended up like this.  I mean, this is the race of the Unlimited Gold Class- the Modified World War II era plane, a famous race known to most of aviator fans.

At 16:20, all plane safely take-off and the race is started- but at 16:25, the third lap, the 74 year old Jimmy Leewald's P-51 Mustang (a cool airplane, by the way) looked like it was heading to the tribune.

In 16:30, Leewald's airplane starts to spin, but in a desperate attempt, he tried to direct the plane away from the main tribune- preventing heavy casualties, even though it still hit the VIP tribune, killing 2, injuring more than 50.

But then again, he's no less than a hero.

Blogger's New Look!

And not just blogger- Gmail, Youtube, Google Calendar and Google Docs too!

Everything looks way rounder and shinier, utilizing the power of the new web!

Hopefully, it will go to full site ASAP!

Google Die Hard Hardcore fan!

Deeper Review @ next week!