Sunday, September 18, 2011

A hero from Reno

Nobody expect the annual air race at Reno will ended up like this.  I mean, this is the race of the Unlimited Gold Class- the Modified World War II era plane, a famous race known to most of aviator fans.

At 16:20, all plane safely take-off and the race is started- but at 16:25, the third lap, the 74 year old Jimmy Leewald's P-51 Mustang (a cool airplane, by the way) looked like it was heading to the tribune.

In 16:30, Leewald's airplane starts to spin, but in a desperate attempt, he tried to direct the plane away from the main tribune- preventing heavy casualties, even though it still hit the VIP tribune, killing 2, injuring more than 50.

But then again, he's no less than a hero.

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